Orange County Erectors, Inc.

517 E. La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801
714-502-8455; Fax 714-502-8464

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Our Services

Structural & Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication and Erection

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    We provide detailed pricing quotes on Jobs for Bid. Ph. (714) 502-8445 Fax. (714) 502-8450 email:
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    F.O.B. Items
    Anchor Bolts, Embed Parts for concrete. Connector Plates at walls and many other items we ship to you and you install.
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    We have a select few Steel detailing companies we trust and utilize, as well as our own In-House detailers that provide the Shop Fabrication drawings to build your project.
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    We occupy close to 35,000 sq./ft. of shop fabrication space and build everything from connection plates to Column Framing and Stairs, Handrails, Wall-Rails, Canopies
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    We maintain our own fleet of delivery trucks, from Tractor-Trailers down to standard pick up trucks to ensure material gets to Jobsites when it is supposed to.
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    We employ all year round a core group of experienced Iron Worker Foreman and crews to get the Iron up safely, quickly and correct.
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    Water Jet
    We do custom Water-jet jobs. Visit our website at for more information or call Ph. (714) 502-8455 Ext. 212 Fax (714) 502-8464 email: